We at Animation Vikings strive for perfection so we have explained all our services in detail so you can understand what we do and how we work. The pipeline includes Illustration, Storyboarding, 3D Modeling & Texturing, Rigging, 2D & 3D Animatic, 3D Key frame Animation, Motion Capture Animation, Lighting & Rendering, Visual Effects, Video Editing & Compositing.


We can create artwork designs for covers, posters or anything you need, whether it be cartoonish or realistic.


This helps us as well as the client with timing and quality of the project to understand how long it will take to complete by creating a visual representation of the story.

3D Modeling & Texturing

This is the process we take most seriously to create 3D Model Meshes and Textures in exceptional quality to help display your product or Idea.


The Character rigs are built up by a system of joints and control handles to make it easy for us to pose the models, we can either use Autodesk 3Ds Max or Maya.

2D or 3D Animatics

Depending on what is preferred we can create a pre-visualization of the storyboard as a video for key timing and even sound effects in 2D or 3D.

3D Key frame Animation

We Love Bringing life to characters whether life like, machines or fantasy creatures. We use motion capture for realistic movements and key frame from scratch to create animation to bring characters to life.

Motion Capture Animation

We use Motion Capture to accelerate the creation of complex movements to make the animation realistic.

Video Editing & Compositing

The Compositing Pipeline includes doing video editing, say on green screen and doing final cleanup and edits getting the video to final Production Quality.

Visual Effects

For our VFX we use Plugins or Videos to create effects like fire, water, fog and smoke. This is also created by using Particles in Maya or 3Ds Max.

Lighting & Rendering

Our lighting and rendering pipeline is based on Maya and 3Ds Max. We always like keeping up to date with render plugins and trying new things to get better looks. Our Plugins vary from Mental Ray, VRay and Arnold. We create our own lighting and every project is different so we use lighting that suits that specific project.

Programs we use

  • Maya
  • 3Ds Max
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects